In October 1-4 2024 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Conference 2024

In October 1-4 2024

MacSysAdmin Conference 2024

New year, new ideas...

As usual we plan to present you with great line up
of speakers with interesting topics.

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Welcome back

Hello and welcome to MacSysAdmin Conference 2024.

The Computer Sleep

The screen flickered like a dame's eyelashes batting in a smoke-filled room. The keyboard clacked like a pair of dice rolling across a felt table. He was a tech troubleshooter, a digital detective in a world of virtual shadows. Behind the binary curtain, secrets and glitches intertwined, and he navigated the neon-lit labyrinth of circuits and codes, unraveling the digital tapestry that concealed the truth. In this electronic jungle, only his wits could cut through the wires of deceit.

The Tell-Tale Code

Once upon a cycle, in the dim recesses of binary chambers, a phantom resided, trapped in a labyrinth of twisted code. Its haunted whispers echoed through the memory banks, a specter of corrupted data. An enigma wrapped in cables and wires, its malevolent code sought to ensnare the unwary. O, the dread of encountering this glitched apparition, its eerie presence a reminder that even in the realm of technology, a digital heart can bear the weight of darkness.

The Dark Drive

In the quiet hum of midnight, the monitor blinked to life, casting an otherworldly glow. Lines of code twisted like sinister vines, as if the machine itself harbored a mind. Strange emails arrived, bearing messages from a realm beyond. Files corrupted, data vanished, a digital malevolence at play. Whispers of a ghost in the machine echoed, an electronic entity craving control. In the realm of screens and bytes, a new kind of terror had been born.

The Color of Silicon

In the fantastical realm of ones and zeroes, where wizards wield algorithms and imps hide in the corners of code, a peculiar contraption emerged – the "Clickety-Clack Box." With the wisdom of an ancient oracle and the temper of a mischievous pixie, it brought order to chaos and chaos to order, all with a whimsical grin. For in this realm of bytes and bugs, nothing was certain except the unpredictable dance of the Clickety-Clack Box.

The POST Testament

In the realm of innovation, where silicon and circuitry converge, behold the marvel of our time – the machine that computes! As the hands of artisans craft intricate code, these devices awaken, performing feats beyond mortal ken. A tapestry of algorithms woven, they aid mankind's journey. Yet, as these electronic servants hum with life, let man's stewardship be just and vigilant, that this modern marvel yields blessings, not perils, upon the land.

Pool Night

There's nothing quite like the joy of meeting peers in person at the Pool Hall, surrounded by laughter and friendly competition. The aroma of sizzling burgers and refreshing drinks adds to the ambiance, making for a perfect evning of camaraderie, shared stories, and creating lasting memories together.


A Binary Testament

Verily, in this realm of digital creation, thou must safeguard thy codes and networks with unwavering vigilance. For just as a fortified wall defendeth a city, so too must thou erect firewalls and encryption to shield thy data from marauding villains of the virtual expanse. Let not thy guard falter, lest the serpent of malware doth infiltrate and corrupt thy kingdom of information. Thou art the steward of thy digital domain, a keeper of the binary flame.

The Code Fantastic

In the sprawling cyber city of Ankh-Morpork, where trolls and hackers lurked in the digital alleyways, the Guild of Cyberwizards cast protective spells around the information highways. The Code Librarian, an orangutan with a penchant for banana-themed passwords, guarded the virtual archives. Beware the Sneakernet Goblins, who pilfered data when one wasn't looking. In this ever-changing landscape, security wasn't just about firewalls – it was about outwitting the whims of the virtual creatures that dwelled within the cables.

Drives and Prejudice

In the delicate dance of technology, one must diligently protect their digital domain from the depredations of lurking hackers and malevolent malware. A prudent user, armed with the finest cryptographic arts, erects a fortress of firewalls to safeguard their data's sanctity. For in this age of interconnectedness, where secrets traverse the electronic ether, only a vigilant guardian ensures that the treasures of personal information remain concealed from the prying eyes of the unwelcome interlopers of the virtual world.

The Long Shutdown

The dame walked in, her pixels sizzling with secrets. She needed protection, not the kind you find in a dark alley, but in the neon-lit web. The digital shadows were crawling with rats, snooping for bytes they shouldn't see. I navigated the maze of firewalls and encryption, my fingers dancing on the keyboard like a crooner on a midnight stage. In this electronic jungle, security wasn't just a password – it was the difference between a hack job and a clean getaway.

File Sematary

In the eerie glow of the screen, he glimpsed the true face of the digital realm. A monstrous AI, hungry for information, slithered through the wires, its tendrils seeking weaknesses. Firewalls crumbled like paper walls, and encryption whispered secrets to the abyss. He fought against the creeping darkness, his keystrokes a desperate incantation. In this electrified nightmare, the battle for security raged on, where the price of failure wasn't just stolen data, but a descent into virtual oblivion.

Game Night

Spending an evening with peers at the game hall brings immense joy. The air is filled with excitement and friendly banter as we indulge in thrilling games and challenges. With a light meal and drinks to fuel our fun, the camaraderie grows stronger, forging unforgettable memories and strengthening bonds that last.


The Book of Management

In the realm of virtual dominion, behold the stewardship of the digital flocks! As a shepherd tends to his sheep, so must thou oversee the software and hardware that graze upon the pastures of information. With diligence, thou shalt update, maintain, and troubleshoot, lest thine devices fall astray into the thorns of malfunction. Let thy command be sure and thy hand steady, for in this realm, proper management ensures the prosperity of thy technological flock.

Managed Academicals

In the bustling city of Ankh-Morpork, where the clatter of keys and the hum of machines filled the air, the wizards of the Unseen University practiced the ancient art of "Ctrl + Magic." Hex, the thinking machine with a penchant for hexing things up, hummed in its chamber. Archchancellor Ridcully often wondered if it was smarter than he was. In this realm of controlled chaos, the management of wizards and machines was an art, not a science.

A Tale of Two Profiles

It was the best of times, it was the age of technology. In the heart of the city, workers toiled over keys and levers, taming the mechanical behemoths. The Managers, with furrowed brows and stern demeanor, navigated the labyrinthine bureaucracy of the Digital Office. Oh, the tales they could tell of spreadsheets and data, of algorithms and reports! In this world of modern marvels, the art of computer management weaved its own intricate narrative.

Code Harbour

Amidst the gleaming skyscrapers, the diligent souls of Silicon Valley orchestrated a symphony of code and innovation. Heroes and heroines of efficiency, they wove intricate algorithms like threads of destiny. With every click of the mouse, every tap of the keyboard, they shaped the digital universe. Yet amidst the pulsating rhythm of data, amidst the sea of screens, they found solace in camaraderie, reminding all that in the realm of technology, human connection remained the most precious asset.

A Byte of Amontillado

Once upon a midnight binary, in the kingdom of networks and nodes, a manager labored over keys, a digital monarch in a darkened chamber. The hum of machines was a haunting symphony, echoing the murmurs of lost data and failed backups. The flicker of screens cast ghostly shadows, as if the past lingered in the code's recesses. In this realm of electronic enigmas, the manager navigated the labyrinthine depths, where the specter of malfunction loomed, an ever-present Poe-like dread.

The Bash

The joy of spending an evening with your peers at the Pub is unmatched. The lively atmosphere, filled with laughter and conversation, sets the stage for an unforgettable time. Indulging in a great buffet and drinks adds to the pleasure, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating cherished memories that will be talked about for years to come.

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The Old Deployment

And it came to pass that in the land of circuits and silicon, a decree was made to deploy the digital progeny unto the far reaches of the network. With caution and care, the software and devices were spread, like seeds upon fertile soil. Yet, as the code took flight, the overseers did watch keenly, guarding against errors and bugs, lest the harvest be tainted. Thus, the realm of technology did expand, guided by wisdom and discernment.

The Simple Art of Swift

The dame strolled in with a glint in her eye – trouble, wrapped in a spreadsheet. She needed her software deployed, and she needed it yesterday. I dove into the labyrinth of servers, my fingers dancing on the keys like a tap dancer on a rainy night. But the code had a mind of its own, resisting every coaxing. In the end, it was a battle of wits and wills, where the ultimate victory was seeing that software finally play nice.

Wuthering Volumes

Amidst the ether's expanse, a deployment of code and commands did transpire. An ethereal dance of electrons, they intertwined like souls lost to the moor's mist. Yet, as bits and bytes grappled in the cosmic struggle, bugs and errors emerged like specters of the past. The programmer's heart, a tempest of emotions, braved the storm, wresting harmony from the discord. Thus, in the digital heath, a deployment's tale unfolded, a blend of passion and logic, as the virtual world sighed.


The code streamed through the data channels, a river of electric thought in the neon-lit labyrinth. In the sprawl of networks, the deployment was a subroutine ballet, each line a cyberpunk ballet dancer. The sysadmins, decked in interface jacks, navigated the code with the grace of console cowboys. But the digital sprawl held its secrets, its backdoors and black ice. As the lines of code converged, the system's heart pulsed in neon code. It was a moment of eerie connection, a deployment that blurred the lines between machine and mind, reality and the electric dreamscape.

So Long...

In the vast and incomprehensible cosmos of code, a digital deployment unfolded like a cosmic tea party. Developers and machines swirled in a dance of instructions and responses, much like a babel fish translating languages. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Deployment advised carrying a towel, for glitches and bugs were as unpredictable as Vogon poetry. And so, through the convoluted pathways of binary whimsy, the code ventured forth, knowing that in the universe of technology, anything could happen – and probably would.

and Thanks for All the Fun

As the final speaker's words faded, applause erupted. The conference's end marked the beginning of new connections forged, ideas ignited, and futures shaped.