Jörgen Olsson

Product specialist and CEO, Moreware

Jörgen has dedicated his professional life to providing the Scandinavian Mac Community with secure communications, collaboration and security solutions.

When not working, Jörgen plays tennis, has given up on the saxophone and started with ukulele instead.

Charles Edge

Director, Professional Services, Author & Engineer, JAMF and

Charles Edge is the Director of the Marketplace at Jamf, where he began his stint by bringing us Jamf Now. He holds 30 years of experience as a developer, administrator, network architect, product manager, and CTO. He is an author of 20 books, more than 6,000 blog posts on technology, and has served as an editor and author for many publications. Charles also serves on the board of directors for a number of companies and non-profits, and frequently speaks at industry conferences around the world, including DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, and a number of Apple-focused conferences. Charles is also the author of and a cofounder/host of the MacAdmins Podcast. This is his tenth year speaking at MacSysAdmin. We think…

Edward Marczak

New on the Job, Duo Security

Ed Marczak has spent much of his life thinking about people, processes, and technology. His experience spans several companies and roles, including developer, sysadmin, manager, and project manager. An early advocate of Apple products, Ed has written two books focusing on Mac management, co-founded MacTech Conference, and is a familiar face at Apple-related events all over the world.

Ed spends his non-compute cycles with his family, and improving his music and photography skills.

Duncan McCracken

Developer, Sysadmin, Consultant, Mondada

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for macOS deployment solutions. With over 20 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world.

He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions. Duncan has spoken at various Apple-centric conferences around the world, this is his 10th year presenting at MacSysAdmin.

Greg Neagle

Senior Systems Engineer Walt Disney Animation Studios

Greg is responsible for deploying and managing macOS machines at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a studio with a long history of family entertainment reaching back to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and forward to our latest films, "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and the upcoming "Frozen 2".

Several Mac management tools developed by Greg have been released as open source by Disney Animation. Among those are Munki, a software deployment framework, and Reposado, a platform-agnostic replacement for Apple's Software Update service. Greg is also a maintainer of the popular AutoPkg tool.

Greg has presented on various aspects of macOS management at conferences in Europe and North America, and is excited to return to MacSysAdmin for a ninth year.

Joel Rennich

Chief Instigator, Orchard & Grove

Joel is the Chief Instigator for Orchard and Grove in Austin, Texas providing bespoke macOS software products like NoMAD, DEPNotify and others.

Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple doing all kinds of fun things with lots of cool people and solving crazy problems to allow for integrating Macs and iOS devices into enterprise environments.

Recently Joel has been greatly enjoying himself working on projects to help people get into a casual binding environment and removing the need for a directory service on their Macs. NoMAD is an open source project that will give you all of the functionality of AD without the bind.

Prior to Apple Joel was frequently seen speaking at Macworld, WWDC and other conferences and gatherings of Apple-minded admins. Joel has traveled the world helping customers adopt OS X and in 2002 he setup and had a lot of fun with that too.

Joel is a classically trained journalist and plied his trade as a paparazzi chasing Monica Lewinsky before rising to become the Director of Photography for United Press International in Washington DC. If you’re lucky he’ll even tell you some of his Monica stories, as the stories are better than the photos…

Armin Briegel


Armin Briegel has been managing Macs and their users for over twenty-five years and probably held most existing technical job titles at one time or another. He worked for nearly ten years at Apple in Germany and the US as a Systems Engineer, Consulting Engineer, and Solutions Architect. Then, he put theory into practice as a System Administrator at University of California. He currently works at the Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller Pro Warehouse in the Netherlands. He writes on his weblog, and has published three books for Apple Administrators



Tim Standing

VP of Engineering, OWC

Tim Standing has been writing drivers and storage utilities for Mac OS since 1986.  He is the creator of SoftRAID for Mac OS X and is currently VP of Software Development at Other World Computing, Inc.

In the past year, Tim has added APFS support to SoftRAID as well as two additional RAID levels: RAID 6 and 6+.  He has also patented a write acceleration technique which enables the write speed RAID volumes to be as fast as the read speed.

Tim's team is responsible for SoftRAID, OWC Dock Ejector and all the Mac drivers and utilities which make OWC products so exceptional.

Andy Malone

With a prestigious international career spanning 21 years, Andy Malone is not only a world class technology instructor and consultant. But is also a Microsoft MVP and award-winning conference speaker at numerous prestigious events such as Microsoft Ignite, NIC, Spiceworld, IT Pro/Dev Connections, The Cybercrime Security Forum and IT Unity Etc. His passionate style of delivery, combined with fun has become his trademark and have won him great acclaim.

Although his primary focus is Cybersecurity. Andy loves to talk tech and there is often an interesting story to be told. Andy is also the award-winning author of the SC-Fi Thrillers “The Seventh Day” & “Shadows Rising”. He was also featured in the recent security book “Tribe of Hackers by Marcus Carey. Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyMalone or visit his website at

Arek Dreyer

Consultant, Author, Trainer

Arek Dreyer, co-author of the macOS Support Essentials 10.14 book and course, as well as the oldie but goodie "Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan Devices” is back to share some of the things you should be thinking about if you manage Apple devices.

Erik Berglund

Backend Developer, Hello Future

Erik has been a Mac admin since 2008 with a big interest for automation and scripting as well as user experience.

To learn how to program he created NBICreator to add a graphical user interface for creating NBIs and also to expand the functionality of NBIs created for apps like imagr. As imaging was dying and NBIs were not needed anymore, he found that there was no good way to create configuration profiles in a GUI with the granularity an admin needs, therefore he created ProfileCreator.

With ProfileCreator he wanted the administrator to decide exactly what settings were managed without hidden additions. The app also allows the community to update and add additional keys and payloads without coding knowledge, to keep the collective profile knowledge up to date for everyone.


Patrick Wardle

Chief Research Officer, Digita Security

Patrick Wardle is the Chief Research Officer at Digita Security and founder of Objective-See. Having worked at NASA and the NSA, as well as presented at countless security conferences, he is intimately familiar with aliens, spies, and talking nerdy. Patrick is passionate about all things related to macOS security and thus spends his days finding Apple 0days, analyzing macOS malware and writing free open-source security tools to protect Mac users.

Ms K and Mr Z

The identity of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at the conference. Both are returning speakers. One qualification they have in common is their deep knowledge of their subjects.

Kevin M. White

Backend Developer, Hello Future

Kevin M. White has dedicated his career to mastering Apple technologies so he can share them with the world. Through his company, Macjutsu, Kevin provides professional consulting for Apple’s education and enterprise customers. Macjutsu is also part of the Jamf Integrator program; providing professional services specific to the Jamf Pro management platform. He has presented at many conferences including; Macworld/iWorld, MacIT, MacSysAdmin, and the Jamf Nation User Conference.


The identity of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at the conference. Both are returning speakers. One qualification they have in common is their deep knowledge of their subjects.

Kim Burton

Security Education Lead, Duo Security

Kim Burton is the Security Education Lead at Duo Security, where she has worked for over 2 years. She is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all those interested in information security and in growing the skills of those already in the field. On weekends, you can find her weaving chainmail, cooking, or playing with cats.


The identities of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at a later date. Some of them are new to the MacSysAdmin Conference and some are well known faces and have been here many times.

Brett Demertis

Systems Engineer, AirBnB

Brett has a long history of endpoint management in both Education and Corporate spaces, and has a strong interest in managing cloud infrastructure as code. As a member of Airbnb's Systems Engineering team Brett has found a home in open source endpoint management, and most recently spearheaded the adoption and success of MicroMDM.

In his off hours, Brett enjoys time with his wife and daughters in the foggy beach town of Pacifica, California. Surfing, golfing, wine/beer making, or home improvement he's always ready to have a conversation about technology or anything really!


The identities of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at a later date. Some of them are new to the MacSysAdmin Conference and some are well known faces and have been here many times.

Graham Gilbert

Serial Automatist, AirBnB

A serial releaser of open source macOS administration tools, Graham is the author of Sal, a modular reporting tool for endpoints and Crypt, a FileVault 2 key escrow solution.

Graham has managed macOS devices in environments ranging from 5 machines to five digits, supporting everything from creative workflows to software engineering. He writes at on the subjects of macOS in the enterprise, devops, automation and the intersection of the three.

In his day job, Graham is on the CorpInfra team at Airbnb. He has a slight obsession with automating all of the things.

Andrina Kelly

UX Team Leader, Jamf

Andrina has been working at Jamf in Minneapolis, MN since July 2015.  Prior to taking on leadership of the UX team a year ago, she led the Global Field Services team at Jamf who were responsible for training and onboarding Jamf customers.  Andrina comes from a long background in IT Administration and consulting, and presented at conferences like MacAD UK, MacSysAdmin Sweden, Jamf Nation Users Conference, Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, Macworld and Canada's MacExpo. In addition Andrina was a technical editor for Apple’s macOS technical training books.

Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2015, Andrina lived in both Canada and the UK. She spends her time away from work traveling the world, riding bicycles, enjoying good food and wine with friends and curating the instagram feed of her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Mackenzie.