09.00 - 09.30

Exhibitor session: A New Standard for Apple IT Management in the Cloud

Peter Stebbins, Addigy

Addigy's Innovative Infrastructure Explained: Addigy is a GDPR cloud-based Apple Device Management platform that enables Apple IT as a Service. Leveraging a modern technology stack and highly-scalable infrastructure, Addigy provides all the expected enterprise-level functionality you need to effectively manage your entire Apple ecosystem in a single, unified solution. No more one-off tools or incomplete point solutions.

09.40 - 10.35

Imaging is Dead: What Now?

Greg Neagle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Recent developments in the Mac world mean that installation workflows, not imaging workflows, are the future of consistent Mac deployment. Greg will discuss why, after years of warnings, you need to explore new deployment workflows. He’ll discuss alternatives to the traditional imaging workflows, including those initiated by DEP and MDM, and show how you can use Apple and third-party tools available to deploy and re-deploy machines in a consistent, repeatable manner.

10.55 - 11.50

DEP - The Right Way

Joel Rennich, Orchard & Grove

In this session learn how to build the DEP enrollment of your dreams complete with two-factor authentication, FileVault enablement, Keychain management, customized help screens, progress bars and more! You shouldn’t be surprised that this session will highlight our open source NoMAD Login product to accomplish most of this amazing workflow with open source tools for as much as possible. Get tips and tricks on how to make your DEP workflow as smooth and trouble-free as possible while keeping security and functionality high.

This session will be MDM-agnostic, for the most part. However, we will cover what to look for in an MDM to save yourself time and frustration.

Included in this session will be a discussion of macOS Higher Sierra and all the new features and fun that this will bring to existing workflows.

12.05 - 13.00

Enterprise Management of Office for Mac

Olof Hellman, Microsoft

Microsoft's goal is to make deploying, updating and configuring Office straightforward for enterprise admins.  The reality is that Office for Mac admins face more complicated scenarios. Because the Office codebase is a mix of code shared across multiple platforms and code which uses platform-specific technologies, administrator tasks also end up as a hybrid of platform-specific and Office-specific tasks.  Olof will explore some recommended techniques and resources for keeping Office up to date, and applying preferences and policies to Office for Mac deployments.

13.00 - 14.00


14.00 - 14.30

Exhibitor Session: Parallels

Alexander Pantos and Timofey Furyaev, Parallels

Content to be announced.

14.40 - 15.35

Enabling a Unified Apple Experience on Apple TV

Laura Roesler, SAP

Inspired by the Mac@SAP in-house Assistant app to customize the corporate macOS devices similar assistant apps have been developed for all other Apple platforms within SAP in order to get every Apple device up and running as easy as possible for the employees.

Laura’s presentation will focus on the tvOS version of the Assistant and will show how this in-house app facilitates the Jamf API to scale a user-centric enrollment experience for Apple TVs within a global enterprise environment. For devices that are not DEP-enabled every employee can get started using their Mac’s Self Service to enable their Apple TV to be used in a conference room or to get internal apps like a digital signage solution without the need of Apple’s Configurator app.

15.55 - 16.50


Marko Jung, University of Oxford

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” is a prevalent IT guy catchphrase championed by many comedy shows. While the parody lives on however, so does the question itself. But why? Marko explores the startup process of computers to answer the question why IT people aren’t lazy by asking colleagues to do this but save time avoiding manual troubleshooting. Your will be taken on a journey from simple non-bootstrap loading systems to latest developments in securing the startup process.

17.05 - 18.00

Keeping the data safe and secure on Mac

Ms. Z

Securing the data is a delicate combination of hardware and software based solutions. In this session Ms. Z will shed some light over the Apple’s new T2 chip, and how it contributes to the system security. Furthermore, she will discuss the security threats to macOS, tools that can be utilized to prevent malicious code outbreaks, as well as shares thoughts about data loss management on Mac platform.

Evening Activity

19.30 - 22.30

Game Night

Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia opens up their Game Hall just for us. Challenge old and new friends to a game or hang around chatting with them in the nice surroundings with a wrap and a drink. Thanks to Parallels for sponsoring this night!