09.40 - 10.35

Managing Macs for all Orgs

Edward Marczak, Duo Security

We often hear about how amazing it is to manage Macs ”at scale.” Have 10,000, 50,000, or 100,000 Macs? We have a solution for you! But what if you have 10, 50, or 100 Macs? Well, you can still use the same solutions!

This session will talk about practical and important solutions for organizations of all sizes. You’ll learn options for the software that manages your machines, along with must-haves for any IT/DevOps team, and how to share that knowledge.

Don’t be put off by the ”big” solutions—they’re for everyone.

10.55 - 11.50

If You Build It...  

Duncan McCracken, Mondada

Sometimes what you want simply doesn't exist... or it may not exist in the form you want it to.

This is the technical story of how something was created to fill a need, then grew far beyond that.

From the planning through to initial release, all decisions, roadblocks, start-overs, headaches, and celebrations.

Not to mention a few technical tips along the way.

12.05 - 13.00

Adventures in fleet control and managed services

Henry Stamerjohann, Apfelwerk GmbH & Co.KG

Are you confident with your current operational model - the way how you gather information about your devices and how you manage them? Once you're passionate enough to start redefining services and decide to push ahead for a change, it's a long lasting journey with a lot of work in progress.

This session will share our experiences as well as the push backs we encoutered in (re)building a technology stack and demand when sharpening our managed services. The endeavours include migration to an alternative cloud service, unification of management tools and address endpoint security. The goal is to find a future mode of operation.

13.00 -14.00


14.00 - 14.30

Exhibitor Session: Deploy certificates using Jamf

Laurent Pertois, Jamf

In these days of enhanced security, deploying certificates becomes an important of Mac sysadmins. Using Jamf as an example we will discover how we can automatically deploy certificates (either for users or computers) to the devices without user interaction.

14.40 - 15.35

Swift for Apple Admins

Armin Briegel,

There has been a lot of buzz and criticism about Swift since its introduction just four years ago. How has the language has progressed since? We will consider how Swift can be useful for Mac and iOS administrators. We will compare Swift with other languages popular with Mac Admins, and finally explore some examples of what you can do with it (and how).

15.55 - 16.50

Ensuring the Fortune 1's success with Apple

Miles A. Leacy IV, Walmart

Creating a modern, successful Apple deployment can be challenging for many legacy organizations. When dealing with the world's largest private employer and the ”Fortune 1”, with decades-long investments in and customized tooling for a Microsoft platform and paradigm, these challenges are magnified.

Learn how Walmart has and continues to identify, overcome, and solve these challenges in order to bring the latest and greatest tools to our business with speed and while adhering to one of Walmart's guiding principles - ”Every Day Low Cost”.

17.10 - 18.00

Understanding APFS and New Storage Hardware

Tim Standing, OWC

The shift to APFS is underway and over a third of Macs now startup using APFS system volumes.  We'll cover the changes to APFS in the past year as well as discuss whether to convert external volumes to APFS.

We are frequently seeing users with 40 - 60 TB volumes.  Even volumes over 100 TB are not unusual.  With all this data online, we  need to be more conscious of bit rot, the introduction of detected and undetected data corruption.  We'll discuss what APFS does to protect against bit rot and look at other technologies which can detect and correct data errors caused by bit rot.

Apple is increasingly locking down internal storage, both with changes to Mac OS and with new storage processors in recently released Macintosh computers.  This makes it harder to deploy and maintain Macs.  We'll look at how these changes to the OS and to hardware affect our ability to administer Macs.

Last year's APFS talk focused on theory, this year's talk will focus on solutions.

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Beer Bash

JAMF Software invites you to the traditional Beer Bash that will take place at The Irish Embassy Pub (former The Dubliner).

Nota bene!

Use the entrance at Östra Hamngatan 50 (next to Synoptik) and take the stairway to the second floor. Don't go through the bar.