MacSysAdmin 2018 is the forum for Mac & iOS Administrators to gain knowledge, meet colleagues, make acquaintances and exchange experiences.

The target audience is System Administrators from enterprises, schools and institutions where Macs and/or iOS devices make up a considerable part of the computing environment, as well as technical consultants from resellers, consulting firms and distributors concentrating on the Mac world.

Among the speakers you’ll find Andrew Seago, Armin Briegel, Ben Toms, Charles Edge, Duncan McCracken, Edward Marczak, Greg Neagle, Henry Stamerjohann, Joel Rennich, Jonathan Levin, Laura Rösler, Marko Jung, Miles Leacy, Olof Hellman, Rich Trouton, Sal Soghoian, Tim Standing, Tim Sutton and others.

These world leading experts on macOS, iOS and related technologies will lecture on subjects of vital importance during the conference.

During the evening activities you can mingle, discuss, argue and have fun with your peers.

The conference will be held at Chalmers Conference Centre in the center of Göteborg, Sweden.

Seats are limited to 250.

All sessions are held in English.