Charles Edge

Director, Professional Services, Author & Engineer, JAMF and

Charles started with Apple's server and deployment offerings in 1999, after years working with various flavors of Unix. After almost 15 years as the Chief Technology Officer of 318, Charles recently left to become Director of Professional Services and a Product Manager at JAMF Software, managing 

Charles has spoken at a variety of other conferences including DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, MacWorld and Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference. Charles has a number of books available, including Enterprise Mac Administrator's Guide, Enterprise Mac: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Security, Enterprise iPhone Administrator's Guide, Using Mac OS X Lion Server from O’Reilly and Take Control of OS X Server. 

Charles also runs, a site dedicated to the plight of the network engineer.

Charles can be contacted via email at

Armin Briegel


Armin Briegel has been working with Macs and Apple for over twenty-five years and probably held most existing technical job titles at one time or another. He worked for nearly ten years at Apple Germany and US as a Systems Engineer, Consulting Engineer, and Solutions Architect. Then he worked for five years as a System Administrator at University of Southern California in Los Angeles where he had to put Mac management theory in to practice with Jamf Casper, Munki, and many, many custom scripts and packages. He recently moved back to Europe where he works as a freelance admin and consultant and has published two books for Apple Administrators (



Arek Dreyer

Consultant, Trainer and Author, Dreyer Network Consultants

Arek has been an Apple Certified Trainer since 2002. Arek delivers courses and provides training around the world, both in the classroom and at conferences; he provides consulting, troubleshooting, and integration services for customers that use iOS devices and Mac computers in complicated environments and is the coauthor of OS X Server Essentials 10.10 and Managing Apple Devices. He is happy Tycho has invited him back ten times so far.

Marko Jung

Head of Information Security Operations, University of Oxford

Marko's first computer was a Sun SparcStation. He's been using Unix - the world's greatest text adventure - for the past 20 years and has attained a ninth-degree black belt in Unix ninja skills.

Marko believes an operating system is useless without a console and is allergic to colored icons. He studied Computer Science at Saarland University and worked at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science before he joined the University of Oxford.

Samuel Keeley

Security Engineer, Airbnb

Samuel is a Security Engineer at Airbnb in San Francisco, focusing on internal systems and client endpoints.

Arnór Kristjánsson

Senior IT Consultant, Atea Norge

Starting with TRS-80 and soon going ogver to a Sinclair Spectrum, Arnór eventually got his first MacOS–version 5.1–and was hooked. Since the web hadn't been invented he took to Gopher to get the information he wanted and played around with OS customization in ResEdit until OS X was released. This whole new world where SMP was the new holy grail of computing and ResEdit was nowhere to be found, made him curious enough about computing to kill any cat and soon landed him a job doing Mac management. He pays the bills by implementing end-point management systems at Atea Norway.

Jonathan Levin

Consultant, Trainer and Author, Technologeeks

Jonathan is CTO of, and has been a trainer and consultant in the operating system space for more than 15 years.

He is the author of Mac OS X and iOS Internals (Wiley, 2012), which is slated for release in a 2nd, updated edition around the time of our conference! Jonathan has also written "Android Internals: A confectioner's cookbook" which was released back in October 2014.

Jonathan has taught classes and assisted developers and architects around the world in customizing Android and optimizing performance in mobile environments. His professional clients include Intel, EMC, VMware and others. He has also taught academically: two semesters of Mobile Architecture Internals for Harvard University.

Jonathan maintains a companion website for his Mac Internals book at, with free downloads of specialized tools, articles, and a forum.

Edward Marczak

Global Mac Operations Character, Google

Edward Marczak is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and the co-founder of MacTech Conference.

He writes a monthly column for, and is the Executive Editor of MacTech Magazine.

His days are currently spent on the Mac team at Google. Past the technology, Ed is a husband and father and enjoys traveling and playing music

Duncan McCracken

Consultant, Trainer, Engineer, Mondada

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for OS X deployment solutions.

With over 19 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world. He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions.

Duncan is an Apple Certified Trainer and has spoken at various Apple-centric conferences around the world, including MacSysAdmin and MacWorld.

Greg Neagle

Senior Systems Engineer, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Greg is the engineer primarily responsible for deploying and managing macOS machines at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a studio with a long history of family entertainment reaching back to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and forward to our latest films, "Zootopia" and “Moana”.

Several Mac management tools developed by Greg have been released as open source by Disney Animation. Among those are Munki, a software deployment framework, and Reposado, a platform-agnostic replacement for Apple's Software Update service. Greg is also a maintainer of the popular AutoPkg tool.

Greg has presented on various aspects of macOS management at conferences in Europe and North America, and is pleased to return to MacSysAdmin for a seventh year.

Jesse Peterson

Consultant, MacTechs

Jesse has been working with technology for 20+ years. Consulting, start-ups, and hobbies with a healthy portion of open source served in all three.

Most of his professional career has included supporting and managing Macs and Apple devices in one fashion or another. As an IT Consultant at MacTechs in Seattle he's helped organizations with Mac management ranging from startups and small businesses to large corporations and government. With a strong enjoyment of and advocacy for development and DevOps he has developed software and solutions to fun and interesting IT projects (and, of course, to open source them when able!).

Jesse is a proud member of the Mac admin community and is excited and honored to be speaking at MacSysAdmin.

Fletcher Previn

VP, Workplace as a Service IBM Corporation

Reporting to the IBM CIO, Fletcher Previn has responsibility for delivering a productive IT environment to IBM’s 400,000 worldwide employees, as well as 130,000 contractors and 100,000 business partners.

Fletcher has responsibility for the desktop computing environment (Windows, Mac, Linux), the employee mobility program at IBM (both corporate owned as well as BYOD), the intranet, and the Mac@IBM program. Some of his recent work was highlighted by the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine.

Fletcher leads a global team of over 2,000 employees, including the infrastructure team as well as a team of mobile developers tasked with delivering IBM internal productivity apps.

Before joining the office of the CIO, Fletcher led a development team in IBM Sales & Distribution, building mobile tools for sellers.

Prior to joining IBM in 2006, Fletcher managed the Enterprise Systems Group at, and was responsible for the tools and infrastructure used by the Site Operations and Engineering departments.

Fletcher holds Microsoft certifications (Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), and Microsoft Exchange Messaging certification).

Joel Rennich

General Manager Enterprise Services, Trusource Labs

Joel is the General Manager for Trusource Labs Enterprise Services in Austin, Texas providing Apple device management and help desk to customers around the globe. Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple doing all kinds of fun things with lots of cool people and solving crazy problems to allow for integrating Macs and iOS devices into enterprise environments.

Recently Joel has been greatly enjoying himself working on projects to help people get into a casual binding environment and removing the need for a directory service on their Macs. NoMAD is an open source project that will give you all of the functionality of AD without the bind.

Prior to Apple Joel was frequently seen speaking at Macworld, WWDC and other conferences and gatherings of Apple-minded admins. Joel has traveled the world helping customers adopt OS X and in 2002 he setup and had a lot of fun with that too.

Joel is a classically trained journalist and plied his trade as a paparazzi chasing Monica Lewinsky before rising to become the Director of Photography for United Press International in Washington DC. If you’re lucky he’ll even tell you some of his Monica stories, as the stories are better than the photos…

Sal Soghoian

User automation expert, software developer, author and musician,

Sal Soghoian is a user automation expert, software developer, author and musician. The principles represented in his credo, “The power of the computer should reside in the hands of the one using it.” are manifest throughout his professional career.

He served as the Product Manager of Automation Technologies for Apple Inc. from 1997 through 2016, advancing AppleScript, Automator, JavaScript for Automation (JXA), System Services, the Terminal, Apple Configurator, and the other macOS automation tools. During his tenure, Sal was integral in the creation of Automator, and he furthered the incorporation of user automation into Apple’s products by writing the scripting dictionaries for iWork, iPhoto, Aperture, and Photos, as well as writing the “Mastered for iTunes” automation tools.

Sal also designed and wrote the user automation support in the Apple Configurator application, which uses macOS automation to manage iOS device deployment. The Apple Configurator automation implementation consists of a central AppleScriptObj-C library and a corresponding set of Automator actions, enabling iOS devices to be prepared, managed and refreshed automatically upon their attachment to a hosting macOS computer.

Prior to joining Apple, Sal worked as a scripting consultant, creating automation solutions for the publishing industry during the 1990s. He authored a popular script collection called “Sal’s AppleScript Snippets,” the ShadowCaster Quark XTension, two books, including “AppleScript 1-2-3,” and numerous magazine articles about automation. Sal is also recognized for his work as as a featured presenter/instructor for Quark, Thunder Lizard Productions, Apple, and the Seybold, MacTech, MacSysAdmin, and Macworld conferences.

Tim Standing

VP of Engineering, OWC

Tim Standing has been writing drivers and storage utilities for Mac OS since 1986.  He is the creator of SoftRAID for Mac OS X and is currently VP of Engineering at OWC Holdings, Inc.  His team is responsible for SoftRAID, SMART Alec and all the drivers and utilities which make OWC products so exceptional.

Tim Sutton

Systems Consultant, Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts

Tim is a Mac sysadmin and consultant based in Montréal, Canada. Among other things, he manages the Mac fleet at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University, supporting the creative work of students, faculty and staff.

He is a proud member of the Mac admin community, particularly wherever open source tools are concerned, and is a self-confessed automation addict. He posts regularly to his blog at, and is both honored and thrilled to be attending MacSysAdmin for the fourth time.

Ms Z, Mr Z and Mr π

The identity of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at the conference. All of them are returning speakers. One qualification they all have in common is their deep knowledge of their subjects.